2014 28th Symposium on Fusion Technology SOFT, San Sebastian, Spain, (29th September–3rd October)

Technological and Physics Assessments on Heating and Current Drive Systems for DEMO


2014 41st EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Berlin, Germany, (23rd–27th June)

Initial Low Recycling Improving Confinement and Current Drive in Advanced Tokamak (AT) and Hybrid Scenarios


2010 23rd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, Daejon, Republic of Korea, (10th–16th October)

Towards a Steady-State Scenario with ITER Dimensionless Parameters in JET


2009 36th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Sofia, Bulgaria, (29th June–3rd July)

Stability and Confinement Optimisation in the Range q0 = 1-3 at JET


2009 36th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Sofia, Bulgaria, (29th June–3rd July)

Development of a Steady-State Scenario in JET with Dimensionless Parameters Approaching ITER Target Values


2008 22nd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, Geneva, Switzerland (13th–18th Oct)

High BetaN Regimes at JET: Progress Towards Steady-State Operation


2008 35th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics Hersonissos, Crete, Greece (9th–13th July)

High bN Experiments at JET in ITER-Like Plasmas in Support of the ITER Steady State Scenario


2007 34th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Warsaw, Poland (2nd - 6th July)

Development of ITB Plasmas at High bN and High d in JET


2007 5th IAEA TM on Steady State Operation of Magnetic Fusion Devices, Daejeon, Republic of Korea (14th–17th May)

Internal Transport Barrier Studies on JET in ITER-like Plasmas in View of a Steady State Operation


2006 21st IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, Chengdu, China (16th–22nd October)

Prospects for Steady-State Scenarios on JET