Development of a Steady-State Scenario in JET with Dimensionless Parameters Approaching ITER Target Values

One of ITER goals is to achieve Q = 5 in Steady-State (SS). To do so requires high performance plasmas, with bN 3, HIPB98(y,2) 1.5. NBI-only experiments have been performed in JET at BT 2.25T, IP 1.6MA and q95 5, to study the plasma stability and confinement at bN 3 with various q-profiles. The focus of this paper concerns experiments done at higher BT, IP (2.65T, 1.8MA, q95 4.7), and power (electron heating ICRH and LHCD in addition to NBI) to reach Te/Ti, r* and v* nearer to ITER values for SS operation, and provide a scenario to study transport, Current Drive (CD) and operational issues to be resolved for ITER.
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