JET Archive 1984-2014

JET Joint Undertaking is a European fusion research project in Oxfordshire, England. The Joint European Torus (JET) is one of the largest and most powerful fusion experiments in the world. JET’s objective is to provide a clean and virtually limitless source of energy for centuries to come.


JET Joint Undertaking is responsible for publishing the output of the laboratory in the form of technical reports and research papers.  These publications were freely available to the public as hard copy preprints and JET distributed these articles to academic and research libraries.  Institute of Physics Publishing now host the JET Preprints and Reports service, where Preprints, Reports and Conference Papers are freely and instantly available.

JET Preprints (EFD-P series)

The normal channel for publication of the results of JET original work is within the conventional literature (i.e. Scientific Journals, Books, and similar publications). However, such papers are given advanced distribution as pre-publication editions in the JET Preprint (EFD-P) series. The documents are graded – Unclassified – Approved for publication. Copies carry a standard statement drawing attention to its Preprint status and prohibiting use of extracts or referencing the document prior to full publication.

JET Conference Papers (EFD-C Series)

This is a new JET series and includes all JET contributions made to each major International Conference and gathered together in one volume. This includes Invited papers, Oral Contributions and Contributed papers. These documents carry the marking – Unclassified – Approved for Publication. Copies carry a standard statement drawing attention to its Conference Preprint status and prohibiting the use of extracts or referencing the document prior to publication of the Conference Proceedings.

JET Reports (JET-R Series)

The JET Report series is used for all communications which might be expected to find interest in readers outside JET, which, for one reason or another, would not be suitable for publication in the conventional literature. Examples are: reports of unusual length, such as those including many experimental or technical details; reports of very specialised interest, etc. These reports are marked Unclassified and are widely available to the public. JET Reports are considered as publications and offer protection for priority of discovery.