2012 24th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference (fec2012), San Diego, USA, (8th–13th Oct)

Modelling of Hybrid Scenario: From Present-day Experiments Toward ITER


2012 39th European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics, Stockholm, Sweden, (2nd–6th July)

Integrated Modelling for Tokamak Plasma: Physics and Scenario Optimisation


2009 4th International Scientific Conference on Physics and Control Catania, Italy, (1st–4th September)

Model-Based Plasma State Control in Tokamaks


2008 25th Symposium on Fusion Technology SOFT, Rostock, Germany (15th–19th Sept)

Recent Contribution of JET to the ITER Physics


2007 International Workshop on Burning Plasma Diagnostics, Villa Monastero, Varenna, Italy (24th–28th September)

Real-Time Profile Control for Advanced Tokamak Operation


2007 34th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Warsaw, Poland (2nd - 6th July)

Plasma Shape and Boundary Flux Control at JET with the eXtreme Shape Controller


2007 5th IAEA TM on Steady State Operation of Magnetic Fusion Devices, Daejeon, Republic of Korea (14th–17th May)

Real-Time Profile Control for Advanced Tokamak Operation on JET


2006 21st IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, Chengdu, China (16th–22nd October)

New Dynamic-Model Approach for Simultaneous Control of Distributed Magnetic and Kinetic Parameters in the ITER-like JET Plasmas


2006 33rd EPS Conference, Rome, Italy (19th - 23rd June)

Identification of the Dynamic Plasma Response for Integrated Profile Control in Advanced Scenarios on JET


2005 32nd EPS Conference, Tarragona, Spain (27th - 1st July)

A Multiple-Time-Scale Approach to the Control of ITBs on JET