Real-Time Profile Control for Advanced Tokamak Operation

Simultaneous control of the plasma shape, the magnetic and kinetic plasma profiles (such as the safety factor, q(x), and gyro-normalized temperature gradient, rTe(x), respectively) and the boundary flux is being investigated on JET, and has potential applications in the operation of ITER steady state advanced tokamak discharges. The control of radially distributed parameters was achieved for the first time on JET in 2004. The controller was based on the static plasma response only. The approach newly implemented on JET aims to use a dynamical plasma model, all the available Heating and Current Drive (H&CD) systems, and the Poloidal Field (PF) system in an optimal way to achieve a set of requested magnetic and kinetic profiles. This paper describes the new model-based optimal profile controller which has been tested during the last 2007 experimental campaign. The controller aims to use the combination of heating and current drive systems - and optionally the PF system. First experimental results of current profile control obtained during the last 2007 JET campaign are presented.
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