Validation Procedure of the Tokamak Equilibrium Reconstruction Code EQUAL with a Scientific Workflow System

The equilibrium reconstruction code EQUAL (EQUilibrium AnaLysis) is based on the algorithm of EFIT and solves the Grad-Shafranov equation using data from magnetic, MSE and Faraday diagnostics to determine the unknown current profile in the plasma. The code has been developed within the European Task Force on Integrated Tokamak Modelling (ITM-TF), which aims at providing a framework of validated codes for simulation, preparation and analysis of discharges for the ITER device as well as existing fusion machines. Verification and Validation (V&V) is a key component of the ITM-TF activity, and the simulation infrastructure developed by the ITM-TF has been designed with this is mind. ITM-TF codes are independent of a particular device and interact with each other via predefined data structures. EQUAL is the first of these codes using the simulation infrastructure for validation, illustrated in figure 1.
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