Simulation of the Time Behaviour of Impurities in JET Ar-Seeded Discharges and its Relation with Sawtoothing and RF Heating

In JET, Ar seeding has proven to be a successful means to reach quasi-stationary regimes that feature, simultaneously, high density, high confinement and an edge radiation belt without significant contamination of the plasma. A detailed analysis shows that in presence of centrally deposited Ion Cyclotron Resonance Heating Ar transport increases. Sawteeth also hamper the accumulation of Ar in the core, though their contribution is less relevant compared to the effect of the ICRH. The transport increase associated to the RF injection appears as a reduction of the inward pinch convection. The analysis is carried out by means of a 1D impurity transport code, which has been applied to several Ar-seeded discharges. The result about the role of sawteeth is independent on triangularity. In the high triangularity discharges, with continuous D refueling, the convection of impurities in the core region is typically very small so that ICRH injection itself has little relevance in the control of the Ar behaviour.
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