M-mode: Axi-Symmetric Magnetic Oscillation and ELM-less H-mode in JET

Recent experimental studies of H-mode plasmas in JET have revealed an n = 0 m = 1 magnetic oscillation starting immediately at the L to H transition (called M-mode for brevity). While the oscillation is present a weak ELM-less H-mode regime is obtained (medium confinement), with a clear increase of pedestal density (ne,ped) and a weak temperature pedestal (Te,ped). In ICRH heated plasmas or low power, low density NBI plasmas the mode and the pedestal pressure can remain steady for the duration of the heating phase, of order 10s or more. The observed axisymmetric MHD oscillation has period ~1­2ms, and odd parity across the mid-plane: m = 1 with sin(q) dependency. Electron Cyclotron Emission, interferometry, reflectometry, SXR and fast Li beam measurements locate the mode in the pedestal region. Da, fast infrared camera and Langmuir probe measurements show that the mode modulates heat and particle flux to the target. Similar phenomena are described elsewhere, lately described as an "I-phase". From a physics point of view, our fundamental observation is that the M-mode is magnetic, not electrostatic, and its frequency scales with pedestal poloidal Alfvén velocity.
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