Fuel Inventory and Co-Deposition in Grooves and Gaps of Divertor and Limiter Structures

Plasma facing components from JET and TEXTOR were studied. The emphasis was on the comparison of co-deposition, material mixing and fuel inventory on plasma facing and side surfaces of tiles, i.e. in gaps separating the tiles. Integrated fuel content in gaps of the Mk-I JET divertor floor was approximately two times greater than detected on the plasma facing surfaces. Taking into account similarities between the Mk-I structure and the castellation in the ITER divertor, the impact of the tile shaping on the tritium inventory is addressed. Deposition on the side of limiter tiles in TEXTOR was around 20% of that on the plasma facing surfaces. Experiments aiming at a deeper insight into the deposition on ITER-relevant components are also proposed.
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