Extrapolation of JET Hybrid Scenario Fusion Performance to Larger Device

Performance extrapolations to larger devices are commonly relying on the available confinement scaling laws. The well established H98y2 scaling has been derived using a domain limited in normalised thermal pressure (bNTH<2.2) using a large H-mode regime database. Using a more restricted database, the dependence in has also been challenged by other scaling such as the Electrostatic Gyrobohm (ESGB). In recent experimental campaign, JET has produced a set plasma with identical plasma shape at high triangularity (d~0.4), with confinement improvement of H~1.25-1.4 and toroidal field strength scanned from 1.1T to 2.3T, varying therefore r* from 3.5¥10-3 to 6¥10-3. They are referred to as "hybrid scenario" (safety factor in the core close to 1 and 2.1<bNTH<2.6). Since plasmas in the hybrid domain show a global confinement enhancement compared with present scaling with bNTH >2.2, it is not obvious that the dependencies of these scaling can be used to extrapolate hybrid plasma performance to the domain of future devices.
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