ELM Size Analysis in JET Advanced Tokamak and Hybrid Scenarios

ELM size analysis for standard ELMy H-mode plasmas (baseline scenario) has been the subject of multi machine studies. In the projection from current devices towards ITER baseline scenarios, the empirically found negative correlation of ELM losses normalized to the pedestal stored energy (DWELM/Wped) with pedestal neoclassical collisionality (n*ped) would imply ELM losses of 20% of the pedestal energy at the ITER relevant n*ped. In addition to the baseline scenarios, Advanced Tokamak (AT) and hybrid scenarios allowing an improved core confinement are under investigation in existing devices. This paper sets out to characterise the normalised losses of type I ELMs in the range 0.05 < n*ped <0.7 for a data base of 26 baseline, 13 AT and 56 hybrid plasmas.
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