Core Versus Edge Confinement in JET with the ILW Compared to the CFC First-Wall

The baseline type I ELMy H-mode scenario has been re-established in JET with the new W MKII-HD divertor and Be-main wall (hereafter called ITER-like wall, ILW). A steady state H-mode profile database has been constructed from high quality kinetic diagnostics. It contains plasmas with low (d~0.2-0.3) and high (d~0.38-0.42) triangularity with both the CFC wall and the ILW. For the CFC wall, the database contains both BaseLine (BL) ELMy H-mode plasmas q95 = 2.8-3.6 as well as Hybrid H-mode plasmas with q95 = 3.5-4.2 and plasma current in the range 1-3MA. For the ILW plasmas, the database contains baseline ELMy H-mode plasmas at q95 = 2.8-3.6, Ip = 1.0-2.5MA and hybrids plasma at q95 = 3.6-4.3 with Ip 1.5MA. The low triangularity ILW hybrids have d larger than the corresponding CFC plasmas (d~0.3 for ILW and d~0.22 for CFC). The applied heating systems are mainly NBI for all plasmas and some ICRH for the baseline plasmas (PICRH/PNBI < 0- 10%). The electron density and temperature parameters (pedestal heights and profiles) are obtained from the High Resolution Thomson Scattering diagnostic [3].
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