An ECRH System for JET: A Feasibility Study

For JET to fulfil its mission in preparing ITER operation, the installation of an Electron Cyclotron Resonance Heating system on JET would be desirable. The study described in this paper has investigated the feasibility of installing such a system on JET. The principal goals of such a system are: Current drive over a range of radii for NTM stabilization, sawtooth control and current profile tailoring and central electron heating to equilibrate electron and ion temperatures in high performance discharges. The study concluded that a 12 gyrotron, 10MW, system at the ITER frequency (170GHz) adapted for fields of 2.7-3.3T would be appropriate for the operation planned in JET. An antenna allowing toroidal and poloidal steering over a wide range is being designed, using the ITER upper launcher steering mechanism. The use of ITER diamond windows and transmission line technology is suggested while power supply solutions partially reusing existing JET power supplies are proposed. Detailed planning shows that such a system can be operational in about 5 years from the time that the decision to proceed is taken. The cost and required manpower associated with implementing such a system on JET has also been estimated.
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