2012 24th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference (fec2012), San Diego, USA, (8th–13th Oct)

Overview of the International Research on Ion Cyclotron Wall Conditioning


2011 38th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Strasbourg, France, (20th - 24th June)

Neoclassical Viscous Stress Tensor for NTM Simulations with XTOR


2010 23rd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, Daejon, Republic of Korea, (10th–16th October)

Recent Results on ICRF Assisted Wall Conditioning in Mid and Large Size Tokamaks


2010 19th International Conference on Plasma Surface Interactions (PSI), San Diego, California, USA, (24th–28th May)

Power Handling of a Segmented Bulk W Tile for JET under Realistic Plasma Scenarios


2004 23rd SOFT Conference, Venice, Italy, (20th–24th September)

Matching To ELMY Plasmas In The ICRF Domain


2003 15th Topical Conference on Radio Frequency Power in Plasmas, Moran, Wyoming, USA, (19th– 21st May)

Hybrid and Steady-State Operation on JET and Tore Supra