2014 21st International Conference on Plasma Surface Interactions PSI, Kanazawa, Japan, (26th–30th May)

Material Deposition on Inner Divertor Quartz Microbalance Systems during ITER­Like Wall Operation in JET


2012 24th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference (fec2012), San Diego, USA, (8th–13th Oct)

Fuel Retention Studies with the ITER-like Wall in JET


2008 18th Plasma Surface Interactions in Controlled Fusion Devices Toledo, Spain (26th–30th May)

Effect of Disruptions on Fuel Release from JET walls


2004 16th PSI Conference, Portland, Maine, USA, (24th–28th May)

Effect of Plasma Configuration on Carbon Migration Measured in the Inner Divertor of JET using Quartz Microbalance


2003 10th International Workshop on Carbon Materials for Fusion Application, Jülich, Germany, (17th–19th September)

Carbon Deposition in the Inner JET Divertor Measured by Means of Quartz Microbalance


2002 22nd SOFT Conference, Helsinki, Finland, (9th–13th September)

Quartz Microbalance: A Time Resolved Diagnostic to Measure Material Deposition in JET


Fuel Retention Studies with the ITER-like Wall in JET