2014 41st EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Berlin, Germany, (23rd–27th June)

Effect of ‘Baseline’ and ‘Hybrid’ Operational Parameters on Plasma Confinement and Stability in JET with a Be/W ITER-Like Wall


2013 40th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Espoo, Finland, (1st–5th July)

The Effect of a Metal Wall on Confinement in JET and ASDEX Upgrade


2013 14th International Conference on Plasma-Facing Materials and Components for Fusion Applications, Jülich, Germany, (13th–17th May)

The Second Phase of JET Operation with the ITER-Like Wall


2009 36th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Sofia, Bulgaria, (29th June–3rd July)

Sawtooth Control Mechanism in JET Using Off-Axis Toroidally Propagating ICRF Waves


Low-Recycling Conditions and Improved Core Confinement in Steady-State Operation Scenarios in JET (Joint European Torus)