Velocity-Space Sensitivity of the Time-of-Flight Neutron Spectrometer at JET

The velocity-space sensitivities of fast-ion Da spectroscopy (FIDA) and collective Thomson scattering (CTS) are often described by so-called weight functions. Recently, we formulated analogous weight functions showing the velocity-space sensitivity of the often dominant beam-target part of neutron energy spectra. These weight functions for neutron emission spectrometry (NES) are independent of the particular NES diagnostic. Here we apply these NES weight functions to the time-of-flight spectrometer TOFOR at JET. By taking the instrumental response function of TOFOR into account, we are capable of calculating time-of-flight NES weight functions that enable us to directly determine the velocity-space sensitivity of a given part of a measured time-of-flight spectrum from TOFOR.
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