Using Magnetic Diagnostics to Extrapolate Operational Limits in Elongated Tokamak Plasmas

Tokamaks are the most promising approach for nuclear fusion on earth. They are toroidal machines where the plasma is heated in a ring-shaped vessel and kept away from the vessel by applied magnetic fields. To achieve high performance in tokamaks, plasmas with elongated poloidal cross-section are needed. Such elongated plasmas are vertically unstable, hence position control on a fast time scale is clearly an essential feature of all machines. In this context the Plasma Control Upgrade (PCU) project was aimed at increasing the capabilities of the Vertical Stabilization (VS) of the JET tokamak. This paper introduces the new JET VS system and focuses on how the flexibility of this real-time system has been exploited to enlarge its operational limits in terms of maximum controllable disturbance. Moreover, the experiments recently carried out at JET are presented.
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