Transport Analysis of Trace Tritium Experiments on JET using TRANSP Code and Comparison with Theory-Based Transport Models

Recently, the trace Tritium (T) transport has been studied on JET by puffing a small amount of Tritium into Deuterium plasmas. The information about the Tritium has been obtained by fitting the 14MeV neutron emission measured by a neutron camera along 19 chords in the TRANSP simulations and in combined TRANSP and UTC simulations. Here, the three groups of discharges are analysed with the goal to investigate: the effect of plasma density on T transport in H-mode (i); T confinement in Ar seeded H-mode discharge (ii); and T transport in the hybrid scenario (HS) and in the discharge with weak reversed magnetic shear (iii). The parameters of selected discharges are given in Table 1.
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