Tile Profiler Analysis of Samples from JET ITER-Like Wall and Carbon Wall

A complete global balance for material transport in JET requires knowledge of the net erosion in the main chamber, net deposition in the divertor and the amount of dust in the divertor region. Following the end of the first JET ITER-Like Wall campaign a set of tiles has been removed from the main chamber and the divertor. This paper describes the initial tile surface profiling results for evaluating the erosion in the main chamber and deposition in the divertor. Tile profiling was performed on upper dump plate tiles, inner wall guard limiters made of beryllium and on inner divertor tiles made of tungsten coated carbon-fibre composites. Additionally, the mass of dust collected from the JET divertor is also reported. Present results are compared with JET-C campaign results with the all carbon wall.
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