The European Integrated Tokamak Modelling (ITM) Effort: Achievements and First Physics Results

The achievements and first physics results are presented of the European Integrated Tokamak Modelling Task Force (EFDA ITM-TF) effort, aiming at providing a standardized platform and an integrated modelling suite of validated numerical codes, for the simulation and prediction of a complete plasma discharge in arbitrary tokamaks. The framework developed by the ITM-TF, based on a generic data structure enclosing both simulated and experimental data, allowed for the development of sophisticated integrated simulations (workflows) for physics application. The equilibrium reconstruction and linear MHD stability simulation chain was applied, in particular, to the analysis of the edge MHD stability of ASDEX Upgrade type-I ELMy H-mode discharges and ITER hybrid scenario, demonstrating the stabilizing effect of an increased Shafranov shift on edge modes. A successful benchmark among five EC beam/ray-tracing codes was performed in the ITM framework for an ITER inductive scenario for different launching conditions from the Equatorial and Upper Launcher, showing good agreement of the computed absorbed power and driven current. Finally, the progress status of simulations performed within the ITM infrastructure with the electromagnetic turbulence gyrofluid code GEM for a JET hybrid discharge is presented.
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