Study of the Effect of the Outer-Strike Point Location on the Divertor Neutral Pressure in JET-ILW Using EDGE2D/EIRENE

During the first year of the JET-ILW operation, a substantial effort was devoted to the L-mode domain characterization with the newly installed ITER-Like Wall (ILW), consisting of a W divertor and a Be main chamber. Main experimental results were reported in [1] [2]. This paper presents the results of modelling studies, carried out with EDGE2D/EIRENE code, of a couple of two similar aforementioned discharges to investigate on the the effects of divertor plasma configuration and proximity of the low-field side (LFS) strike-point with respect to the LFS pumping plenum when comparing the simulation results with the experimental data of two different divertor configurations at same upstream density. The analysis focuses on the observed differences in the sub-divertor neutral pressures in relation to the deuterium ion fluxes to the divertor plates.
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