Simulation with the COREDIV Code of JET Discharges with the ITER-Like Wall

ICRF heated L-mode pulses of JET with the new ITER like wall are simulated for the first time with the transport code COREDIV. The model, which couples self-consistently the core with the SOL as well as the main plasma with impuries, provides, from a limited number of inputs, output quantities as the core temperatures and densities profiles, Zeff, the power radiated, the W fluxes and concentration, the plasma parameters on the divertor and so on. Due to the slab geometry of the SOL, the Be flux can not be calculated self-consistently, but it is given as an input, according to the experimental data. Comparison of simulations with experimental data both of the core and of the SOL is generally quite satisfactorily, with the exception of Zeff for discharges at very low density, possibly due to radiofrequency-specific effects which are not accounted for in the model.
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