Self-Consistent Simulation of Plasma Scenarios for ITER Using a Combination of 1.5D Transport Codes and Free Boundary Equilibrium Codes

This paper discusses results of predictive modelling of all reference ITER scenarios and variants using two suites of linked transport and equilibrium codes. The first suite consisting of the 1.5D core/2D SOL code JINTRAC and the free boundary equilibrium evolution code CREATE-NL, was mainly used to simulate the inductive D-T reference Scenario-2 with fusion gain Q = 10 and its variants in H, D and He (including ITER scenarios with reduced current and toroidal field). The second suite of codes was used mainly for the modelling of Hybrid and Steady State ITER scenarios. It combines the 1.5D core transport code CRONOS [3] and the free boundary equilibrium evolution code DINA-CH.
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