Scrape Off Layer Heat Transport and Divertor Power Deposition of Pellet Induced ELMs

It is currently assumed that a reliable control technique for ELMs is mandatory for the success of ITER to meet restrictions in power loads to the target. In view of next step fusion devices it is of paramount importance to reach some level of understanding in the process of inducing ELMs by pellets. Due to the technically given toroidal asymmetric nature of pellet injection the question arises, if the spatial structure of the perturbation associated with pellet induced ELMs features a corresponding toroidal asymmetry in the SOL and in the divertor. The paper recapitulates the finding of a toroidal asymmetric divertor deposition pattern during pellet induced ELMs employing a new JET divertor infrared system and compares these to nonlinear simulations.
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