Scientific Preparation for future D-T Campaigns at JET in Support of ITER

JET is preparing for deuterium-tritium operation in 2015 with the newly installed ITER-like Wall, neutral beam enhancements (35MW, 20s) and diagnostics upgrades, as part of a phased approach to the full exploitation of JET. Performance projections for stationary ITER scenarios predict Q ~ 0.16-0.20 for ELMy H-mode plasmas at 4.5MA/3.6T, Q ~ 0.3-0.5 for hybrid plasmas at 3.5MA/3.45T to 4.1MA/4.0T and Q~0.1-0.4 for advanced scenario plasmas at 1.8MA/2.7T to 2.3MA/3.45T. Key physics studies would concentrate on isotope mass dependence of the edge pedestal, ELM size and ELM mitigation as well as the access to H-mode. ICRH schemes for ITER could be tested, while sufficient alpha particles would be available for heating and instability studies. The tritium retention (using the Active Gas Handling Systems at JET) and cleaning methods for tritium removal could be assessed in addition to testing D-T diagnostics and 14MeV neutron calibration techniques.
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