R&D on Full Tungsten Divertor and Beryllium Wall for JET ITER-like Wall Project

on beams and high heat flux test beds. In order to perform a fully integrated material test JET has launched the ITER-like Wall Project with the aim of installing a full metal wall during the next major shutdown. As a result of R&D projects in 2005-2006, bulk tungsten tiles are foreseen at the outer horizontal target and tungsten coating at the other divertor tiles. In some regions of the main chamber, beryllium coated Inconel tiles and bulk beryllium tiles are utilised which include marker tiles as erosion diagnostics. This paper gives an overview of the R&D carried out in the frame of the ITER-like Wall Project on the development of an inertially cooled bulk tungsten tile design and the characterization of tungsten and beryllium coating technologies.
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