Progress Testing TRANSP-TORIC Simulations of ICRH in JET

Ion Cyclotron Range of Frequency (ICRF) waves are candidates for Heating (ICRH), current drive, and possible flow drive in ITER and future tokamaks. There are considerable challenges developing the technology of ICRF systems and the tools for assessing effects on plasma performance. These tools are important both for guiding present experiments and for indicating efforts for future research. This paper addresses some of the tools for simulating ICRH. The TORIC ICRF full-wave code solves the kinetic wave equation in 2D axisymmetric equilibria. TORIC solves Maxwell's Equations for a fixed wave frequency with a linear plasma response in a mixed spectral-finite element basis. The antenna is modelled as a sheet current. A kinetic model for the plasma dielectric response is derived using an Eikonal ansatz.
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