Probable Identification of the Coriolis Momentum Pinch in JET

In view of mounting evidence for non-diffusive momentum transport processes and theoretical predictions thereof, a broad survey of the JET database was undertaken to ascertain the ubiquity of non-diffusive processes, their parameter dependencies and the consistency of theoretical predictions with observations. The database presented here, as well as the analytical approach, builds on previous JET profile databases, constituted for investigating density peaking. This database, 'JETPEAK', contains several hundred steady-state samples used for this study, which provide a comprehensive coverage of the JET operating domain with profile data from CXRS, Thomson scattering (HRTS or LIDAR) and q profiles from EFIT. The data are so far restricted to H-modes and hybrids with NBI power in the range 5-20MW, 0.6<H98<1.4 with operation in deuterium, without additional TF ripple.
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