Predictions and Observations of Global Beta-Induced Alfvén-Accoustic Modes in JET and NSTX

In this paper we report on observations and interpretations of a new class of global MHD eigenmode solutions arising in gaps in the low frequency Alfvén-acoustic continuum below the Geodesic Acoustic Mode (GAM) frequency. These modes have just been reported Gorelenkov et al. where preliminary comparisons indicate qualitative agreement between theory and experiment. Here we show more quantitative comparison emphasizing recent NSTX experiments on the observations of the global eigenmodes, referred to as Beta-induced Alfvén-Acoustic Eigenmodes (BAAE), which exist near the extrema of the Alfvén-acoustic continuum. In accordance to the linear dispersion relations, the frequency of these modes may shift as the safety factor, q, profile relaxes. We show that BAAEs can be responsible for observations in JET plasmas at relatively low beta <2% as well as in NSTX plasmas at relatively high beta >20%. In NSTX plasma observed magnetic activity has the same properties as predicted by theory for the mode structure and the frequency. Found numerically in NOVA simulations BAAEs are used to explain observed properties of relatively low frequency experimental signals seen in NSTX and JET tokamaks.
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