Power Handling of the Bulk Tungsten Divertor Row at JET: First Measurements and Comparison to the GTM Thermal Model

The design of the tile assemblies of the bulk tungsten divertor row in JET was improved in the course of several experiments as far as the power and energy performances are concerned: many prototypes were exposed to high heat fluxes in several electron and ion beam facilities during the development phase. These experiments were carried out in parallel with extensive modelling of the complete tungsten tile assembly in the so-called Global Thermal Model (GTM). The goal was to understand the heat flow from the plasma-facing surface through the supporting structure down to the base plate of the JET MkII divertor sufficiently to be able to later interpret operational data from the torus. Temperatures measured in the torus are in good agreement (­10/+15%) with the model. Some characteristic times show stronger deviations, with no incidence on the highest temperature at all times.
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