Potential of the ICRF Heating Schemes Foreseen for ITER’s Half-Field Hydrogen Phase

To extend the knowledge on the performance of the Ion Cyclotron Resonance Frequency (ICRF) heating schemes in the non-activated half-B0 phase of ITER, a detailed assessment of the fundamental H and the 2nd harmonic 3He ICRF heating scenarios in majority H plasmas was undertaken. The numerical studies were performed using the 1D TOMCAT and the 2D CYRANO codes adopting the equilibrium profiles computed for the initial operation phase of ITER. To have an experimental backing of the computations, the nominal ITER half-field of 2.65T and the ICRF frequencies for those heating scenarios (f = 42MHz for fundamental H and f = 53MHz for 2nd harmonic 3He heating) were closely reproduced in dedicated experiments performed in the JET tokamak.
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