Overview of Recent Results on Heating and Current Drive in the JET Tokamak

In this paper, significant results in the heating and current drive domains obtained at JET in the past few years following systems upgrade and dedicated experimental time, will be reviewed. Firstly, an overview of the new Ion Cyclotron Resonance Frequency (ICRF) heating capabilities will be presented i.e. results from the ITER-Like ICRF antenna (ILA), the use of External Conjugate-T and 3dB hybrid couplers to increase the ICRF power during ELMy H-mode. Furthermore, experiments to study the influence of the phasing of the ICRF antenna on power absorption and coupling will be described. Looking at Low Hybrid (LH) issues for ITER, the effect of the location of gas injection on the LH coupling improvement at large launcher-separatrix distances will be discussed as the possibility to operate at ITER-relevant power densities. Experiments to characterise the LH power losses in the Scrape-Off-Layer (SOL) and to determine the LH wave absorption and current drive using power modulation will be shown. Finally, plasma rotation studies in the presence of ICRF heating with standard and enhanced JET toroidal field ripple will be presented.
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