Overview of Erosion­Deposition Diagnostic Tools for the ITER-Like Wall in the JET Tokamak

This paper presents scientific and technical issues related to the development of erosiondeposition diagnostic tools for JET operated with the ITER-Like Wall: beryllium and tungsten marker tiles and several types of wall probes installed in the main chamber and in the divertor. Markers tiles are the standard limiter and divertor components additionally coated first with a thin sandwich of Ni-Be and Mo-W for, beryllium and tungsten markers, respectively. Both types of markers are embedded in regular arrays of limiter and divertor tiles. Coated W-Be probes are also inserted in the Be-covered inconel cladding tiles on the central column. Other types of erosion-deposition diagnostic tools are: rotating collectors, deposition traps, louver clips, quartz microbalance and mirrors for the First Mirror Test at JET for ITER. The specific role of these tools are discussed in detail.
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