MHD Studies in Radiating Mantle Plasmas on JET

Plasmas with impurity seeding in order to create a radiating mantle have been investigated during recent campaigns on JET. Experiments performed at the TEXTOR tokamak have shown, that the radiating impurity does not only reduce the power load on plasma facing components, but in addition a regime with improved confinement due to turbulence suppression is established. Radiative mantle experiments on JET have been done in different plasma regimes: (i) Argon was seeded in ELMy H-mode discharges using various configurations (septum, corner, vertical target, ITER-like shape) to obtain high density and high confinement during a quasi-stationary after-puff phase, and (ii) divertor L-mode discharges with Ne seeding, a successful approach on the DIII-D tokamak, were explored as well.
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