Measurements of Electron Velocity Distribution Function

Deviations of the electron function velocity distribution from Maxwellian behavior in the high energy range have been extensively studied during the past two decades. A brief review of the experimental techniques and findings on the subject are given in this paper. There are indications that the electron distribution function in thermonuclear plasmas could be significantly different from the Maxwellian one even near the thermal velocity range when particular circumstances occur. These reasons motivate a renewed effort in the measurements that could detect low energies distortions, among which is the new Oblique Electron Cyclotron Emission (ECE) diagnostics that has entered operations during 2006 experimental campaign at JET and aims to resolve relatively small differences in the ECE spectra taken at three toroidal angles. Such measurements allow insight into the characteristics of the electron distribution function. First results of such experimental system are discussed in this paper, along with emission simulations.
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