Materials Migration in JET with ITER-Like Wall Traced with a 10Be Isotopic Marker

The current configuration of JET with ILW is the best available proxy for the ITER first wall. Be redistribution in JET ILW can be used for estimates of Be migration in ITER. To trace it, a localized isotopic Be marker has been implemented. The bulk 9Be tile has been enriched with 10Be by factor 105, up to at. concentrations of 1.7x10­9. Prior to the start of the ILW campaign the marker tile has been installed at the inner midplane of JET. During the 2012 shutdown over 100 surface samples were taken from limiter tiles from two toroidally opposite limiter beams. 10Be at. concentration in each sample was measured with Accelerator Mass Spectrometry with sensitivity ~10­14. The absolute areal densities of the marker were measured. The marker distribution was compared with predictions made with ASCOT, ERO and WallDYN codes. The simulations were able to partly reproduce the measured 10Be distribution pattern.
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