JET ICRH Plant Reliability from 2008-2012

JET ICRH plant faults from 2008 - 2012 have been catalogued and a new assessment of the reliability of the plant by sub-system is given. Data from pulses where ICRH was used, excluding the ITERLike Antenna (ILA) and its generators, has been collated. This is compared to fault data in order to investigate any correlation between faults and operations. The number of faults is shown to have decreased between 2011-2012 in comparison to 2008-2009 as the time between faults is shown to have increased. Future electronic fault logging requirements to enable easier analysis are discussed. Due to the changing configuration of the ICRH plant; the introduction of ELM tolerant systems, generator upgrade, changes to the settings of the VSWR protection et cetera, a method to expand the fault database to include more historical data in a consistent way are discussed.
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