Intra-ELM Phase Modelling of a JET ITER-Like Wall H-mode Discharge with EDGE2D-EIRENE

We present the application of an improved SOL transport model for the intra-ELM phase utilizing kinetic correction of the sheath-heat-transmission coefficients and heat-flux-limiting factors used in fluid SOL modelling. With a statistical analysis over a range of similar Type-I ELMy H-mode discharges performed at the end of the first JET ITER-like wall campaign, we achieved a fast (Dt = 200ms) temporal evolution of the outer midplane ne and Te profiles and the target-heat and particle-flux profiles, which provides a good experimental data set to understand the characteristics of an ELM cycle. We will demonstrate that these kinetic corrections increase the simulated heat-flux-rise time at the targets to experimentally observed times but will not affect the still by the simulations underestimated power-decay time at the target. This longer decay times are potentially related to a change of the local recycling coefficient at the tungsten target plate directly after the heat pulse.
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