Integrated Modelling of Material Migration and Target Plate Power Handling at JET

The complexity of the tokamak edge and Scrape-Off Layer (SOL) region is such that extrapolation to ITER requires modelling to be pursued through the integration of a number of edge codes, each of which must be thoroughly tested against results from present day machines. This contribution demonstrates how the edge modelling effort at JET is focused on such an approach by considering two examples, target power loading and material erosion and migration, the understanding of which are crucial issues for ITER. We start with an overview of JET edge modelling in the areas of material migration and target power handling. Then we concentrate on some new modelling results related to drifts in JET, and discuss the implications for material migration. Finally the implications of an alteration in the model for C recycle are explored. The features of the codes used are summarized in [1].
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