Implementation of New Techniques for the Remote Delivery of Tooling & Components at JET Torus

For the JET Enhanced Performance (EP2) shutdown a second articulated boom has been developed. Support technologies have been developed to provide an efficient system for tools, services and components to the remote environment. This paper will discuss the challenges involved in the design and compatibility for remote docking of support cradles. These cradles are used to support equipment including: - Six Task Modules with a capacity of 400kg each. - Sixteen Sub-frames used to transport components up to 80kg each. - Multipurpose tray carriers to transport a large variety of equipment and components. - Specialist equipment for transporting interfacing components. In situations where people are required to manually load and unload these cradles this paper will discuss the systems implemented to aid: - Contamination control between the JET vessel and the adjacent man access areas whilst the articulated boom is in use. - Service feeds for in vessel work (power and data supplies). There will also be examples of real data and design changes required as a result of the operational tests. This paper will discuss how these developments have increased the efficiency of the remote handling work with an increased protection for the personnel working in the controlled area.
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