Implementation of a New Disruption Mitigation System into the Control System of JET

A new Disruption Mitigation System (DMS) based on Massive Gas Injections (MGI) has been installed at the JET-tokamak. The key component of this system a fast eddy current driven valve which is capable of injecting up to 4.6¥10­3MPa·m3 within 5ms. Along with this valve a new gas handling system has been installed, whose control had to be integrated into the JEToperation. The operation of the DMS requires interaction with several other systems. Although massive gas injections are used to ameliorate potentially severe damage to the tokamak plant and plasma facing components caused by disruptions they introduce a high risk for example to auxiliary heating systems or diagnostics which could be damaged by high vacuum pressures. In addition to this the presence of high pressure (of noble and flammable gases) in combination with high voltages represents a risk not only to the actual DMS plant itself (in case of a failure) but also to personnel in the vicinity. This variety of risks have been addressed and are described in this article.
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