Impact of Large Type I ELMs on Plasma Radiation in JET

The baseline scenario for ITER operation with high fusion gain (QDT 10) and with high plasma energy (~350MJ) is the Type I ELMy H-mode regime. The major drawback of this operating regime is the periodic power loading of plasma-facing components by Edge Localised Modes (ELMs) which can cause high target erosion and a significant reduction of component lifetimes. To prevent unacceptable divertor target erosion due to ELMs, the loss in plasma stored energy at the single ELM should be restricted to DWELM ~ 1MJ corresponding to the energy density at divertor target of 0.4MJ/m2. Only the JET tokamak, thanks to its size, can produce ELMs in the order of 1MJ with energy densities comparable to the ITER. This contribution focuses on the investigation of the impact of large Type I ELMs on plasma radiation and on power load.
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