Forward Fitting of Experimental Data from a NE213 Neutron Detector Installed with the MPRu Spectrometer at JET

In this paper we present the results obtained from the data analysis of neutron spectra measured with a NE213 liquid scintillator at JET. We calculated the neutron response matrix of the instrument combining MCNPX simulations, a standard proton light output function and the fit of data from ohmic pulses. For the analysis we selected a set of pulses with neutral beam injection heating (NBI) only and we applied a forward fitting procedure of modeled spectral components to extract the fraction of thermal neutron emission. The results showed the same trend of the ones obtained with the dedicated spectrometer TOFOR, even though the values from the NE213 analysis were systematically higher. The uncertainties on the thermal fraction estimates were from 4 to 7 times higher than the ones from the TOFOR analysis.
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