Finite Larmor Radii Effects in Fast Ion Measurements as Demonstrated Using Neutron Emission Spectrometry of JET Plasmas Heated with 3rd Harmonic ICRF

This paper demonstrates how the Finite Larmor Radii (FLR) of fast ions can affect fast ion measurements by studying data from the neutron time-of-flight spectrometer TOFOR. Neutron spectra were calculated from a model of the fast ion velocity distribution for a JET experiment with 3rd harmonic ICRF heating of deuterium beams. It was found that FLR effects need to be considered to get a good description of the data, if the Larmor radius of the fast ions are comparable to the width of the field of view of the instrument. This applies not only to results from neutron spectrometry but also to other types of fast ion diagnostics.
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