Evaluation of Spectral Unfolding Techniques for Neutron Spectroscopy

Erik Andersson Sundén, S. Conroy, G. Ericsson, M. Gatu Johnson, L. Giacomelli, C. Hellesen, A. Hjalmarsson, J. Källne, E. Ronchi, H. Sjöstrand, M. Weiszflog, G. Gorini, M. Tardocchi and JET EFDA contributors The precision of the JET installations of MAXED, GRAVEL and the L-curve version of MAXED has been evaluated by using synthetic neutron spectra. We have determined the number of counts needed for the detector systems NE213 and MPR to get an error below 10% of the MAXED unfolded neutron spectra is determined to be ~106 and ~104, respectively. For GRAVEL the same number is ~107 and ~3.104 for NE213 and MPR, respectively.
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