Electromagnetic Analysis of Breakdown Conditions in JET

This paper presents the breakdown studies carried out in the framework of JET Enhancement Projects for Plasma Control Upgrade (PCU) and Enhanced Radial Field Amplifier (ERFA), to obtain plasma formation with different sets of coil turns in the radial field circuit. The electromagnetic conditions to reach the plasma breakdown in the JET machine are strongly dependent on the properties of JET iron core and the effects of the eddy currents driven by the transient electric field on the present passive structures. The study has been carried out by using a linearized dynamic model of JET provided by 2D axisymmetric finite element code CREATE-L. The dynamic simulations have been compared with the experimental data. A new fast visible camera has been installed and has been used for the first time at JET for studies of plasma breakdown. The images show, coherently with the model, that the avalanche evolves dynamically towards a region where the stray field is perpendicular to the first wall.
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