Deuterium Density Profile Measurements at JET Using a Neutron Camera and a Neutron Spectrometer

In this work we estimate the fuel ion density profile in deuterium plasmas at JET, using the JET neutron camera, the neutron time-of-flight spectrometer TOFOR and fusion reactivities modeled by the transport code TRANSP. The framework has been tested using synthetic data, which showed that the density profile could be reconstructed with an average accuracy of the order of 10 percent. The method has also been applied to neutron measurements from a neutral beam heated JET discharge, which gave nd/ne 0.6 in the plasma core and nd/ne 0.4 towards the edge. Correction factors for detector efficiencies, neutron attenuation and back- scattering are yet to be included in the analysis; future work will aim at refining this analysis.
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