Deuterium Balmer/Stark Spectroscopy and Impurity Profiles: First Results from Mirror-Link Divertor Spectroscopy System on the JET ITER-Like Wall

For the ITER-like wall, the JET mirror link divertor spectroscopy system was redesigned to fully cover the tungsten horizontal strike plate with faster time resolution and improved near-UV performance. Since the ITER-like wall project involves a change in JET from a carbon dominated machine to a beryllium and tungsten machine with residual carbon, the aim of the system is to provide the recycling flux, equivalent, to the impinging deuterium ion flux, the impurity fluxes (C, Be, O) and tungsten sputtering fluxes and hence give information on the tungsten divertor source. In order to do this self-consistently, the system provides plasma characterization through the deuterium Balmer spectra measurements of electron density and temperature during high density. L-Mode results at the density limit from Stark broadening/line ratio analysis will be presented and compared to Langmuir probe profiles and 2D-tomography of low-n Balmer emission. Comparison with other diagnostics will be vital for modelling attempts with the EDGE2D-EIRENE code as the best possible data sets need to be provided to study detachment.
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