Determination of the Particle and Energy Fluxes in the JET Far SOL During ELMs using the Reciprocating Probe Diagnostic

The effect of ELMs on the JET far SOL plasma parameters has been investigated using a multi-probe system. Radial velocities up to 1 km/s have been observed in the far SOL implying that the ELMs arrival time to the plasma wall can be comparable to, or even smaller than, the characteristic time of transport to the divertor. It has been observed that the effective radial transport is higher for the large amplitude ELMs so that the fraction of the ELM energy reaching the main chamber wall increases with the ELM size. In spite of the large particle flux measured in the far SOL plasma during type I ELMs, the energy carried by electrons to the main chamber PFCs is very small ( 5% of the ELM losses).
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